What Three Seconds Looks Like

Any seasoned petrol head will tell you that the first modification you should make to your car (besides tightening the nut behind the wheel) is to upgrade your tires. However, most of us ignore that advice and go about doing the three basic breather mods:

Intake. Header(s). Exhaust.

The car now sounds fast, but that’s about where it ends.

Here’s empirical proof that you should take the advice and get tires.

I was running in the 52-53 second range at the December SCCA RallyCross event, and my fastest clean time was around 53 seconds. After the official runs were over, Avery, who sold me Miss Crabby, offered to let me take Sunshine, his rallycross Miata, out for a couple runs.

Sunshine and Miss Crabby are practically identical in every way except one. Sunshine rocks brand new Silverstone rally tyres, and Miss Crabby has last season’s Winter Slaloms.

My first run? About 50 seconds. Second run? About 50 seconds.

If I did a third run I’d end up trying to scheme a way to get my hands on some rally tires, but since they cost around twice as much as winter tires, it’s not worth it. At least, it’s not worth it at this level of competition.

For now.